How to buy SafetyBase

Getting assistance and customisation

Support, advice and customisation services

What they cost

Initial Set-Up of locations, roles, mobile settings and custom reports. We do this online using remote access and phone Included in first month’s fee
Initial training to one key user using remote access and phone Included in first month’s fee
Unlimited Helpdesk support Included in ongoing monthly fees
Independent hourly data backups Included in ongoing monthly fees
Independent uptime and response time monitoring Included in ongoing monthly fees
Independent penetration testing and encrypted data Included in ongoing monthly fees
Further training to more than one user, if requested NZ$180 per hour
Custom projects, by arrangement Agreed written specification for fixed fee
On-site assistance of any kind, if requested NZ$180 per hour plus expenses at cost

Freedom from worries

Buy SafetyBase, get rid of worries!
No worries!

Before you buy SafetyBase, you will know if the price is right. And you’ll know there are no hidden expenses to blow out your budget.

You will know that SafetyBase is always up to date and compliant with current standards. We make regular updates and enhancements.

Our safety system will suit your style of management, and you will find out why. Because we know there are many ways to manage health & safety, SafetyBase will not force methods upon you. So SafetyBase gives you gentle prompts and reminders whenever you need them.

Finally, and crucially, you will read why the application is stable, secure and reliable.

Nothing up our sleeves

We know you want excellence and honesty, so we leave nothing up our sleeves. We will be  straight and open with you. Here is our SafetyPro website to find out more about the parent company.

On the right, find out how we have put all your concerns to rest before you even buy SafetyBase. If you have any other concern we have not dealt with, please call or email me personally: +64 9 535 4355 (0800 000 267).

Often a concern for anyone seeking a business system. Those hidden extra costs you didn’t know about!  When you buy SafetyBase, there are no extras unless you ask us to actually do extras. Things like customisations, consulting services or special developments. In any case, we will tell you beforehand. No surprises.

No “Set Up” Fees

We don’t have “set up” fees. That’s because we believe initial training and account set-up should be delivered online and included in standard fees.

Under some circumstances, you will need special services, such as customising, on-site training and consulting. So we charge a reasonable hourly rate to do the job. And you’ll be able to get a prior estimate or fixed fee quote in every case.

There are no exta costs, and that’s a promise! That’s unless you want us to visit you or perform a service that you voluntarily asked for. Apart from that, everything is included in the monthly fee.

Usability is very subjective, so anything we say will depend on individual opinions. But don’t take our word for it, simply check out the demo or sign up for a free trial at this page.

What we can say is that SafetyBase is designed as a serious business system, so you will receive training to get the best out of it. We provide that training as part of the fee when you buy SafetyBase. Most everyday computer users will find their way around immediately. Consider everyday applications like Word, Excel, Outlook. SafetyBase requires about 5% of that level of knowledge.

Smart phone reporting

And with super-simplified smart phone functions, everyone in your organisation will be able to report events, inspections and checklists.

Does SafetyBase conform with international health & safety standards? Currently, all our products conform with AS/NZS 4801 “Health & Safety Management Systems”.

We are following the development of ISO 45001 – Occupational Health & Safety, and we will build it in, once it’s finalised. Does that mean you will be forced to perform to these standards? No. Because when you buy SafetyBase, it does not push you into a rigid work sequence. But it does support a high level of performance when you need it.

Unlike most software providers, we thrive on your feedback. That doesn’t mean we rush off and implement every idea we hear, but we know it when we hear a good one! Something just resonates. That’s our key method for identifying opportunities for improvement, and perhaps 80% of our enhancements are identified that way.

We keep up with the play regarding changes to laws, codes and standards. Because we have an internationally available safety management system based in New Zealand, we have one big advantage. Regional laws and standards have all been developed from a range of global sources. And with the advent of ISO 45001, we will continue to offer a product with global applicability.


How do updates happen? We do them incrementally, and in a way that preserves your existing data’s relevance. As a cloud product, we release incremental improvements several times a year, mostly without fanfare. For significant changes, you receive update notes directly.

And when you buy SafetyBase, all this happens without you having to do anything or pay extra for the update.

We frequently get asked: “Does it work for x, y or z employment situations?”

This question reflects an understandable belief that there are different safety systems that “fit” certain employment activities. This isn’t the case.

Why? Well, consider this: Lawmakers don’t issue one health and safety statute for one industry and different ones for other industries. The broad requirements are the same for all. That’s why health and safety codes and standards don’t come in different versions either.

SafetyBase health and safety management system provides a great set of tools for any employment situation.


For some employment situations, we will provide customised data collection formats. Some employers have very particular views on what data needs to be collected and processed. In our experience, they are not always the highly hazardous or specialised ones.

That’s why we have options available for clients who want to mix it up a bit. Even if you opt for the generic Foundation or Distinction editions! Because we have a growing array of spare file types available. We can add these in at the client level, so just ask!


If you want the freedom to develop file formats specific to your needs and activities, you need Enterprise Edition. Very easily, we will build-in pretty much whatever you want, for a very low price. And our developers were very smart! Your new or improved file format immediately works with all other functions. No other costs apart from the data collection fields you want!

So you’re in The Outer Hebrides or Scott Base Antarctica?

We have LogMeIn. And you won’t be charged. We also answer emails, texts and of course, phone calls.

From the outset, we knew that unless we supported our product, people might not get the best from it. And we prefer our customers saying happy things.

Our Helpdesk support comes with the fee. And we give general safety advice as long as it’s verbal. That’s because SafetyBase was created by safety experts instructing IT people, not the other way around. We know what we’re talking about.

SafetyBase was created using open source software on a LAMP platform. We host it currently in Central Auckland, on a VPS server provided by Site Host.

There are daily server backups, and two primary Site Host co-location facilities. Data is encrypted and backed up hourly to Amazon S3.

Uptime and response time monitoring is by Pingdom and routine penetration testing by Insomnia.

Your data is safe with us.

Need to talk to someone first?

Sometimes, you just need to ask a few questions, chew it over, arrange a person-to-person meeting. Just get a better feel for who you are dealing with.

You’re very welcome. Just complete the form at right and we’ll get in touch.