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Simon Lawrence

Thanks for visiting this website. My name is Simon Lawrence and I own SafetyPro Limited. And that’s the company that designed and built SafetyBase. That means that if you need more information, I’m your man. So call me on +64 9 535 4355 (0800 000 267). I will listen to what you need and give straight answers.

For SafetyBase, I wanted to create a safety management system that’s more than a database. For that reason, it was designed to solve problems safety managers have every day, and it aimed to be a paperless health and safety system. Because I have worked for more than 30 years in safety systems, audits and coaching, I have learned what works.

I strongly believe that safety is to do with the integrity of an organisation. Smart managers I have met just know it’s part of “doing things right”. This leads to better safety, product quality and customer service. And in turn, to good governance, branding, environmental responsibility and more. So it’s part of the long term vision about the future of your enterprise.

To understand what SafetyBase can do for you and your organisation, I would like you to try a demo account. So please accept my personal invitation to take a free trial for 10 days. Just click the button below and send the form, we’ll do the rest.

Director, SafetyPro Limited

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