Health and safety software to care for all your people

Employers use SafetyBase health and safety software to connect all the workers in their health and safety system.

  • So it’s a place to securely record and report everyone’s safety events. Things like accident reports, training records, hazards and inspections.
  • Furthermore, it’s cloud based and secure.
  • So everyone, including those working from home can use it on their computer or mobile device.
  • The framework is based on recognised international standards.
  • But it’s also customisable, so you can mould it to your way of working.
  • It was conceived by safety experts and built by highly competent developers.

safety reporting on mobile devicesRemote workers

During the pandemic, it became clear that  cloud based health and safety software has become even more relevant. “The New Normal” as people like to say. In fact, many of our clients were already using SafetyBase for remote inspections and reporting. So SafetyBase provides a channel for office and remote workers to be fully connected.

If you are looking for a New Zealand based system for managing health and safety, I invite you to have a good look. Because it needs more than a few minutes to properly evaluate health and safety software.  So if you haven’t already, you might wish to make a list of your key requirements. Then, you can tick off the boxes.

Does SafetyBase tick your boxes?

To start the ball rolling, here’s a one-page Fact Sheet to compare with other health and safety software. And here’s how to get a free trial. You may also be interested in our  history and values. And lastly, of course, the all important prices and options.

With SafetyBase, we don’t pretend to have a magic wand, because safety requires personal leadership. And that means your leadership. But we can  assure you that SafetyBase is exceptionally capable health and safety software. It helps care for your people, makes your life far more productive, takes away a lot of the stress and banishes clipboards.

“If you’re looking for health and safety software that provides the core H&S components, without being too complex, I can recommend SafetyBase.”  Tim Beach, National Health & Safety Manager, New Zealand Automobile Association until recently. health and safety software





Thanks for finding this page and please feel welcome to contact me personally +64 9 535 4355 (0800 000 267) or email.

Simon Lawrence,


10 Reasons you should choose SafetyBase health and safety software

  1. No Set-up fee. No extra charges. Money back if you are not happy.
  2. Mobile device reporting for remote or mobile workers.
  3. Customisable option. Have forms and checklists created to your personal specifications.
  4. Secure and reliable. Encryption, hourly backups, penetration tested.
  5. Compliance with best international standards.
  6. Everything about your peoples’ health and safety managed in one place.
  7. Design your own reports. Get the outputs YOU want.
  8. Design your own training and inductions. Invite employees and contractors to complete modules online.
  9. Internal tasks system. Attach documents, pictures. Link your people to events like training.
  10. Simplify your life. Everything organised. Say goodbye to paper and spreadsheets.

What’s New:

Dashboard Upgrade

We are creating a brand new design for the SafetyBase Dashboard. And it’s due for release soon. We are collaborating with one of our key clients. Some features:

  • Safety IndicatorA place where your own news updates and alerts can be published.
  • Widgets to show trends “right now”, for a large range of indicators. Use of dial gauges, pie charts, line charts. Pull from a library and drag-and-drop to position.
  • One tab to summarise your open tasks and open files.
  • Trends and Comparisons. A place where date range comparisons and trend lines can be optioned across an array of charts.
  • Improved Custom Report tab that can be personalised and/or shared.

We’re looking forward to releasing this ground-breaking new development!

Call 0800 000 267 (NZ); +64 9 535 4355 or email

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Is health and safety software good business?

Just from the housekeeping and logistical point of view “Being able to find everything in one place” saves time and money.  The task system makes sure you don’t forget key actions. And your workers report using their mobile device.

When you need help, we are safety experts with years of practical, down-to-earth experience, so we “get” where you are. We speak your language. That means you get knowledgeable and in-context advice. 
health and safety software

Safetybase is customisable.

For example, design customised reports and charts for your Dashboard. And have your own online training, such as contractor inductions.  Choose the customisable “Enterprise” edition to have any data collection format you want. And there are three versions to choose from.

Here’s a one-page Fact Sheet to show your senior team or the Board.

Whatever the size and nature of your operation, we provide the right version and the right price for you.


Trial Account

Try SafetyBase health and safety software

We don’t automate trial accounts because it’s best to understand your requirements directly. By listening, we assist your evaluation at a Q & A during the free trial. It’s optional, but helpful for us to understand your needs and concerns.

Either way, we don’t sell you something unless it ticks all your boxes. Even before you get to a Trial, see a bit more for yourself. Here’s a 3 minute demo, which steps you through an Accident Report.

Try our health and safety software

The interface

SafetyBase looks clean and friendly. On mobile phones, workers can send fuss-free reports straight into the database. From wherever they are. And you get notified.

It’s easy and intuitive to create and send tasks, run custom reports and manage your health and safety data. Neat summaries give filtered views of all your locations.

SafetyBase ticks so many boxes, including some you may not have expected! Go to this page to request  a 10-day free trial.


Prices & Options

Pricing and version options for SafetyBase

With SafetyBase health and safety software you have a choice of three editions: They are Foundation, Distinction and the customisable Enterprise edition.

It’s priced per worker, to keep it simple. The minimum cost per month is for 90 workers. Casuals or long-term contractors? We’ll agree a price based on equivalent hours. And the fees are flexible for large employers. Here’s the basic pricing:

Buy our health and safety software


Monthly pricing is based on the Edition of your choice and your total workers. With Enterprise Edition, you can have brand new forms to your own specification. Or just choose edits to the existing forms.

Get reports out straight away. It just works! So you can have your own workable forms without extra layers of development costs. Compare versions here.

Find the version that’s best for you and make it yours!


SafetyBase. Health and safety software with all these great benefits

Straightforward pricing. Nothing hidden

Based on recognised international standards

Directors & Officers information

All you need is a browser and a device

Design and send training modules

Send online contractor inductions

Attach documents, diagrams, pictures

Tasks system. Actions and reminders

Fits all organisations. Regular updates

Powerful customisation option

Worker safety history with one click

Put key reports on your dashboard

Backups & up-time monitoring

Helpdesk & remote support

Escalations, watchlists, prompts

All your people and locations

Select the modules you need

Encrypted data. Penetration tested


New Zealand Automobile Association

A nationwide solution

When I took up the position of Health & Safety Manager at AA, for a national organisation of its size and complexity , I wanted health and safety software to capture and report our data.

That’s why I chose SafetyBase, because it provides the modules we required in a secure cloud-based platform. We particularly value the fact that our “Enterprise Edition” is customisable. So our data collection forms can be altered, or brand-new functionality created.

We have collaborated with the SafetyBase team on developments like multi-purpose forms and smart-phone reporting. If you’re looking for health and safety software that provides the core H&S components, without being too complex, I can recommend SafetyBase.” NZ Automobile Association use our health and safety software Tim Beach, Health & Safety Manager, The New Zealand Automobile Association Inc.

Albany ITM

Timber. Tools. Construction.

The H&S Team at Albany ITM emailed: “We want health and safety software that does everything. And more.” No pressure then..

But one trial account and 15 days later, Albany ITM were convinced enough to order their customisable SafetyBase Enterprise Edition! And their team got straight into customising a suite of four Fleet Management checklists that can be completed on mobile devices. “When we get something customised, we see the changes straight away just by refreshing the screen”, they said.

It’s a pleasure dealing with Albany ITM. They were so pleased to move on from paper.  And customised forms are the icing on the cake for this safety conscious employer. Inspections on mobile deviceThe staff at Albany ITM getting weekly vehicle checks done with SafetyBase mobile device forms

Emirates Airways

Ground Based Services

Following a Corporate initiative, we went out to find a safety management system to assist with ground based safety management in New Zealand.

After considering several options, we chose the services of SafetyPro Limited. A key reason is they provided an implementation plan, advice and resources. This included Distinction Edition of their cloud based OHS system, SafetyBase. Director Simon Lawrence guided us through a detailed Implementation Plan. We recorded our events and plans into SafetyBase and therefore arrived at audit time with a largely paperless system.

Emirates  passed Secondary Level for ACC’s WSMP at first attempt, so the package really worked for us!” Emirates Airlines use our health and safety software Wayne Turkington, Cargo Manager, New Zealand, Emirates Sky Cargo