Real value, tangible benefits

Smart safety managers know that to get value from safety management software, it must allow flexibility of process. You don’t want to be trapped in a strict workflow logic that doesn’t reflect your policies and procedures.

So we designed SafetyBase to give you choices, because there are many acceptable ways of managing health and safety to get the end result. Yes, you will get prompts and reminders, (example, a statutory requirement to report a notifiable event to the authorities). But you are always free to plan and do what you  want to happen next.

SafetyBase is reliable, accurate, and because it’s a cloud product – available – wherever you go. Including on your mobile device. All for a flat monthly fee based on your total workers.

Creativity and power to manage health and safety for all your people! Take a few minutes and check out what value you can gain from SafetyBase.

When Covid-19 hit, businesses were suddenly struggling to keep processes effective and alive. Workers who were now remote, possibly alone and “out of the loop”. But this “new” way of working is likely to become more normal. There will be more people who rarely make an appearance at “HQ”. Your service, sales and maintenance people among others. And don’t forget your contractors.

Never before has a cloud based safety management system been so relevant.

Safety solutions for your safety problems

SafetyBase solves problems

Many health and safety systems seem to be put together by IT people who asked safety people for a bit of help. Instead, SafetyBase put safety expertise first – we knew what safety people needed. But we also saw value in the skills of some very good developers and designers.

Experience counts

We’ve had years of personal experience in safety consulting. A good deal of this was with a safety auditor’s pen in our hands. We know the difficulties experienced by safety people and we know good safety solutions to the problems and frustrations.


SafetyBase is flexible. It puts safety management in your hands. It guides and prompts, but it’s you who manages health and safety.

Tools like automatic prompts, a task system, instant mobile device reporting, superb customisation options. Watchlists, escalations, a place to design your own online training modules for employees, visitors and contractors. Every file you create is brought alive with personal tasks, reminders, relevant attachments and associated people. The reporting system lets you create your own charts, lists and CSVs. You can then place them on your Dashboard. See our one-page Fact Sheet.

The freedom of customisation!

The Enterprise option gives you the added value of having your own forms in a way that’s unique to your account. Think about that for a moment… and it doesn’t cost the earth!

SafetyBase Value: You pay no set-up fee. No extra charge for getting the account going or for training your primary key user, which we do remotely. Monthly fees are $1.00, $1.50 or $2.00 per worker, depending on the edition you need. Minimum monthly fees do apply. But that’s it.

For larger organisations, we layer the cost per worker or fix the cost for a period. And if you do ask for personal, on site assistance, we come and see you for a reasonable hourly rate.

SafetyBase Value: The forms are displayed on mobile devices as clean and simple versions of the parent form. Report key details of accidents, hazards, inspections. Snap a photo and attach.

The form is  lodged in the main application and escalates to a person you choose.

SafetyBase Value: There is a Task System. Some tasks are created automatically from some of the droplists in forms – example a notifiable event while doing an Accident Report needs to be reported. You create other tasks manually as one-off or recurring reminders. The system has calendar views and list views of tasks, with filters for drilling down to the  detail. Users find out what’s coming up, what’s current and what’s overdue.

Managers see what’s going on from a list of open files on the Dashboard. Dynamic reports show the real-time status of any file type.

SafetyBase Value: There are three ways:

  1. Choose from three Editions. Prices reflect the level you are at: Foundation > Distinction > Enterprise. Foundation has all key forms, Distinction brings in planning and review templates. Enterprise is the same as Distinction, but customisable to your own specifications. All editions have the same functionality.
  2. The form types in any version are selectable, so you can “mix & match”.
  3. We can “pull in” from a library of forms for Foundation and Distinction editions. If we haven’t got what you want, talk to us about it. A joint collaboration will always see you getting what you want. How good is that? (For forms that are highly specialised, choose Enterprise Edition).

SafetyBase Value: We agree. So you can design the reports you want. It’s an intuitive four-step process to create your own charts, tables and CSVs.

Drill down to what you want, then save the report to your Dashboard.

It updates in real time, so it stays accurate without re-running the report.

SafetyBase Value: Cloud services have come a long way, and may even enhance your security.

SafetyBase is commercially hosted in a dedicated building. Daily server backups are made by the hosts, who operate two primary co-location facilities.

We encrypt your data and pay for automatic hourly back ups to a highly reliable independent service.

Independent providers take care of uptime and response time monitoring and also routine penetration testing. We take your data and your security very seriously.

SafetyBase Value: For a bit extra, subscribe to the Enterprise Edition. Have your own unique configuration to mould and shape as much as you like. Tell us exactly what you want, we do it.

Get brand new forms or have us customise the forms that come with your account. The only cost is creating the form. Because SafetyBase does not require extra and costly work by developers to integrate your new form with all related functions.

SafetyBase Value: Distinction and Enterprise editions let you design your own “Assessments”.

Assessments are configured as a training module, a survey, a questionnaire, a read-and-sign policy, or any similar format.

Use attachments, multiple choice and free text fields. Invite recipients to complete the Assessment online.  Automate renewals for future refresher training.

Tip: Use it for anyone, including workers!

The system displays a summary of completed Assessments, along with red, amber and green “traffic lights”, the Assessment results and expiry dates.

All these great benefits

Straightforward pricing. Nothing hidden

Based on recognised international standards

Directors & Officers information

All you need is a browser and a device

Design and send training modules

Send online contractor inductions

Attach documents, diagrams, pictures

Tasks system. Actions and reminders

Fits all organisations. Regular updates

Powerful customisation option

Worker safety history with one click

Put key reports on your dashboard

Backups & up-time monitoring

Helpdesk & remote support

Escalations, watchlists, prompts

All your people and locations

Select the modules you need

Encrypted data. Penetration tested