Value in our products

SafetyPro creates high value health and safety management systems. SafetyBase is our premier safety management system and it’s a neat, cloud based, professional software system. It provides you with compliance and excellence in health and safety. So you don’t have to do all the thinking. Here is a comparison between our three editions.

SafetyBase gives you reminders, automatic prompts and visible escalations. Almost infinite options for custom reports. Elegant, easy mobile device reporting. We also offer a document-based solution. It’s called “SafetyPack” and it’s is fully up to date with current legislation. There is even an integrated safety/quality/environmental option for SafetyBase or SafetyPack.

We have your safety preferences covered..


Value in experience

We formed the company SafetyPro in 1999. From the start, it was about consulting in safety management systems, safety audits and safety training. We still do that. When ACC started offering discounts for audited safety management systems, we were engaged by a national consortium and created a “document based” solution. That was very successful in assisting about 150 employers to achieve approval. Many achieved Tertiary Level.

As time moved on, software became more expected as a solution, so we designed SafetyBase. That was in 2007 and SafetyBase was cloud based from the start. But it has come a long way since. Hundreds of updates, new functionality, fresher designs. Collaborations with at least 6 high profile clients, updates for current legislation. We know what works.

There’s no real substitute for experience.

Value in listening

We love receiving ideas and requests. So we will listen with interest. And we will give straight answers to questions. We won’t try to sell you something unless it will do the job. And you will have time and space to make a decision that feels right for you.

We back our systems with included support, and provide them to you as fully furnished kits. That means we include more than the usual manual and forms. You will get an implementation plan, resource materials and system maintenance features. Result? You get everything you need to create, run and maintain your safety system.

You will enjoy using SafetyBase in the cloud or SafetyPack in documents

Comply with legislation

SafetyPro created SafetyBase. It's built on the internationally recognised AS/NZS 4801 standard "Health & Safety Management Systems" and current Australasian Acts and Regulations.

ISO 45001 will be adopted into the system in 2018. ISO 45001 is the first-ever global health and safety management system.

The SafetyBase system will include optional compliance with this  standard. Optional means you won't be forced to do any more than you want.

We will put in just what's right for your version.


We thrive on your ideas and we maintain an ideas and project management system. Our developers and designers share that system.

As a result, our clients have inspired most of our SafetyBase improvement projects in the last 10 years.

If you become an Enterprise Edition client, you specify any data collection fields or folders you wish. We will modify the forms supplied with the edition and we will create brand new forms that you specify. You will get just what you want.

As a client, your ideas are our lifeblood.

Value and reliability

We take responsibility for your data security. SafetyBase was created using open source software on a LAMP platform.  Site Host in Auckland is the secure hosting service, using a VPS server.

Site Host provides daily server backups and two primary co-location facilities. SafetyBase encrypts your data and backs it up hourly to Amazon S3.

We use Pingdom for uptime and response time monitoring. We employ Insomnia for routine penetration testing.

Your data is very safe with us.