Why SafetyBase?

Health and Safety Software with neat solutions, smart features

SafetyBase is flexible health and safety software. And you have a choice of three cost-effective options, representing good compliance,  world class and customisable. The logic was designed by safety experts, so it makes very good sense to safety people like you.

Whatever the size and nature of your operation, we provide the right version and the right price for you.

SafetyBase is a secure, cloud based product. So it’s always there when you need it. And it’s updated regularly, because we monitor client ideas and changes to laws, codes and standards.


Try SafetyBase

Health and Safety Software so good, you won’t know until you’ve tried!

For a quick overview, check out our 3 minute interactive demo, which steps you through the creation of an Accident Report.

The health and safety software interface is clean and friendly. Furthermore, SafetyBase gives you clean and simple reporting by smart phones. So it’s easy and intuitive to send information, run custom reports and manage OHS  data. In all your locations.  Also, you can add attachments and build worker safety histories. Even design your own contractor assessments that automatically renew!

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Buy SafetyBase

Options and pricing for our health and safety software

SafetyBase health and safety software has a choice of three editions: Foundation, Distinction and Enterprise.

Our simple pricing is based on the edition you choose and the number of workers you have.

Enterprise Edition allows you to have your data collection customized by us. So we can quickly paste or build forms to your specification.

In this site, you will find more information, testimonials and case studies. Compare versions. As a result, you can find the solution for you and make it your own.


SafetyBase. Health and safety software with all these great benefits

Straightforward pricing. Nothing hidden

Based on recognised international standards

Directors & Officers information

All you need is a browser and a device

Design and send training modules

Send online contractor inductions

Attach documents, diagrams, pictures

Tasks system. Actions and reminders

Fits all organisations. Regular updates

Powerful customisation option

Worker safety history with one click

Put key reports on your dashboard

Backups & up-time monitoring

Helpdesk & remote support

Escalations, watchlists, prompts

All your people and locations

Select the modules you need

Encrypted data. Penetration tested


New Zealand Automobile Association
A nationwide solution

“When I took up the position of Health & Safety Manager at AA, for a national organisation of its size and complexity , I wanted health and safety software to capture and report our data. That’s why I chose SafetyBase, because it provides the modules we required in a secure cloud based platform.
We particularly value the fact that our “Enterprise Edition” is customisable. So our data collection forms can be altered, or brand-new functionality created. As a result, we have so far collaborated with the SafetyBase team on developments including multi-purpose forms and smart phone reporting.
If you’re looking for a system that provides the core H&S components, without being too complex, I can recommend SafetyBase.”

NZ Automobile Association use our health and safety software

Tim Beach, Health & Safety Manager, The New Zealand Automobile Association Inc.

Cullen Engineering
In the depths of the Waikato…

“We had a paper-based safety system but it was a lot of work and quite challenging to maintain the momentum. Also, some of our larger clients here in the Waikato have strict safety requirements. So we needed health and safety software to keep all our records safe and in one place.
We chose SafetyBase Enterprise Edition because we liked the idea of being able to get custom forms made for us. So, to date, we have had the SafetyBase folks create us forms for PAT Testing, Vehicle Checks, Workshop Inspections, Trade Competencies and Contractor Evaluation.
Due to this improved data handling, we have recently maintained ACC Secondary Level and could not be more pleased with the service we are getting.”

Cullen Engineering use our health and safety software

Richard Cullen, Director and Angela Morland, Health and Safety Coordinator, Cullen Engineering, Te Aroha

Emirates Airways
Ground based services in NZ

“Following Corporate initiatives, we embarked on a planned process to introduce a safety management system into our ground-based operations in New Zealand.
After considering several options, we chose the services of SafetyPro Limited. Another key reason is they provide an implementation plan and resources. This included Distinction Edition of their cloud based OHS system, SafetyBase.
Director Simon Lawrence guided us through a detailed Implementation Plan. We recorded our events and plans into SafetyBase and therefore arrived at audit time with a largely paperless system.
We passed Secondary Level for ACC’s WSMP at first attempt, so the package really worked for us!”

Emirates Airlines use our health and safety software
Wayne Turkington, Cargo Manager, New Zealand, Emirates Sky Cargo