You may ask..

Nothing is hidden. You may ask for extra services if you want them. But we don’t charge you for anything extra unless you ask. Customisations, site visits, development work are examples where we would consider a fee applicable and let you know.

Really. There’s nothing unless you ask for more than helpdesk stuff.

Not perhaps one of the most frequent questions you may ask these days, but important. The answers are: No installation, no maintenance, automatic back ups. Access from any internet browser or smart phone. Regular updates and currency with new legislation and standards.

That’s it, really. It’s just less fuss.

This is one of our most frequently asked questions.  SafetyBase is a smart way to manage safety for most industries. But if you do have unique risks, you may ask for Enterprise Edition. For very little extra cost, we quickly create new data collection fields for you.

So the answer’s yes.

Yes. Australia and New Zealand share legislation and standards. These have borrowed from global best practices. SafetyBase was first designed after the Accident Compensation Corporation in New Zealand introduced auditable incentive schemes. ACC’s schemes were based on the regional standard NZS 4801 Health & Safety Management Systems, shared with Australia. The NZ Health & Safety at Work Act 2015 is now built in. Revised ACC requirements are accommodated.  ISO 45001, as a world standard, has been reviewed and SafetyBase provides a firm foundation for conformance.

SafetyBase represents very contemporary international standards. SafetyPro is a health and safety consultancy, and we know what works.

Yes. There is a custom report generator. That’s why we will talk to you about reports in the key user training. We show you how to get the reports you need. Four easy steps. Design your own, then change your mind and create others as much as you like.

Dig in to your data.

Yes, it can and yes it has been. SafetyBase provides a clear audit trail of who last altered every data field or file. It assigns unique IDs to every file and it keeps a record of all transactions and tasks completed. You add running file notes and task notes. These are date and author stamped for you.

Even grumpy auditors will be happy.

Your Administrator sets 6 levels of security per user. Administrators also restrict access to file types they consider sensitive. Files like health monitoring or rehabilitation records. You choose which ones. Only administrators can view or change higher level settings and functions. For large and diverse corporates, or any organisation with internal sensitivities, we also have an option for divisional confidentiality.

You control what people see and do.

Yes. This is another of our most frequently asked questions. SafetyBase is commercially hosted in a dedicated building. There are daily server backups and two primary co-location facilities. Data is encrypted and automatically backed up hourly to a reliable independent service. Independent parties are employed to take care of uptime, response time and penetration testing.

We take your data and your security very seriously.