ACC have discussion options for replacing WSMP and AEP as an ACC Incentive.

ACC Incentive options in a nutshell

I have analysed the suggested options. Here are a few thoughts for consideration.

ACC Incentive

  • The draft discussion information outlines ideas for a “Product A” and a “Product B”. No doubt they will get names at some point.
  • “Product A” will be a “default for most businesses”. Question: “If you don’t like Option A, and you also don’t like Option B, do you have a choice to stay “as is” or will you be placed in Option A?”
  • “Product B” appears to be an ACC incentive to replace the Accredited Employer Programme, but I have also heard from one expert that it’s not intended to be. Hard to see how Option B and AEP can live side-by-side. ACC says they expect businesses going for Option B will be large, have strong OHS performance/resources and be able to manage their own claims on behalf of ACC. Then why have AEP as well?
  • For both Options, ACC are suggesting an employer could earn ACC reward points. For “Product A”, they say things you can use points for could include offsetting levy payments. That’s a real ACC incentive. Apparently, though, using rewards points for offsetting levies is not part of what’s on offer for “Product B”. (Or ACC might just have forgotten to mirror the wording).

I sent questions relating to the above observations to ACC around the end of March via their website. No answers a week or so later. If I get some answers, I will place any updates I can in future posts. In the meantime, perhaps your organisation can be part of the discussion? See below.

SafetyPro’s detailed comparison of the suggested ACC Incentive Options (PDF).
ACC’s own web page about this.
Current feedback to ACC.