We think our SafetyBase system is world-class safety management software. But there are no short cuts to success. You have to work at it. This post takes a mischievous look at the way decisions about safety management software are often made. It also offers hope for those who want to do it right.


Our purpose has always been to offer comprehensive, serious safety management software at a reasonable price. (Of course, no safety management software system is a magic wand). So we provide the means for compliance. Using it wisely is something that requires thought and commitment from the client.

There are, unsurprisingly, many highly reliable methods to fail with safety management software. It’s like the old days of paper-based systems. Back then, failure depended upon buying a doorstop of a manual and leaving it on the shelf. Or delegating it all to a junior admin person and assuming they had it sorted. These days it’s not too different. Someone gets excited, buys safety management software, then moves on and the system is abandoned. That’s if it was ever used at all.

It’s then a good idea to blame it on the software. “It was just too much for what we needed” is a good one. But for the same piece of safety management software, it can sound just as wise to say “It just wasn’t sophisticated enough”. Either one works.

Here’s my Mischievous Guide to Failing with Safety Management Software

  1. When buying safety management software, never write a list of requirements and discuss them in detail with each potential vendor. Just wing it. After all, management are wise and they “have a feel” for such things. How hard can it be?
  2. When Keen Kevin, the graduate you just employed, makes a “business case” for safety management software, say yes to keep him interested. Then put him in charge of implementation. That should kill it.
  3. More expensive than our safety management softwareBe irritable and dismissive about price. It’s business, after all. Of course the espresso machine in the lunchroom costs $2,000 per month including consumables, but coffee is at least real. And hot and tasty. Safety is frankly not essential. Nor interesting. Coffee, on the other hand, we can’t do without.
  4. Work on the assumption that somehow, somewhere, a genius safety management software system really does exist, complete with magic wand. It costs just $50 per annum, and works all by itself while we are sleeping! Thinking about it, doing health and safety yourself is tricky and it involves – bleah – human beings. So it’s best to keep them at arms length, as long as you have data. And a fancy pie-chart or two. Talking about pies, where’s the coffee?
  5. What to do in the event of a serious accident, audit failure, compulsory Worksafe notice, employee safety complaint, bad coffee: Just blame the safety management software. Remember, it was either too complex or too simple for requirements. Pick one. Flip a coin. Either answer is perfectly acceptable. The only unacceptable answer is “We never took it seriously”.

So, seriously

Sometimes, being a safety management software vendor/consultant is like being a lawyer…some of you folks think we are going to open your wallet, help ourselves to all your money and run for cover. My advice is, be a bit open minded, engage with your vendors, ask the right questions, have a clear set of requirements and be realistic about the input you need to make to get the best results.

You can also ask for references from other clients and give the safety management software a good bash for free beforehand. Hint: before the end of the trial, talk to the vendor. And have more questions ready. More? Yes, because you need to confirm some of the findings of your trial. And we all know what mostly happens with trial accounts. They get frantically used for the last 20 minutes on the afternoon before they expire. Or not used at all.

On a brighter note

Vendors will want to compare notes with you anyway. So I know you’re going to laugh, but please answer their calls unless they are absolute pests. It’s not safe to assume you have found out all there is to know. Safety management software designs vary. If the trial doesn’t seem to have found an xyz widget, an abc function or setting, please don’t rely on that. Even if you really did look hard. Sometimes, when time is short, it’s tempting to only seek reasons not to purchase, rather than reasons to explore a little further. You could be throwing the baby out with the bathwater. Please just ask. Because the vendor will be only too happy to help. Playing your cards close to your chest can sometimes mean you don’t receive fresh or alternative information.

Finally, if you go with another vendor, people like me really appreciate a straight piece of feedback. You don’t have to break it gently or gloss it. Just say it straight and as it really is. I find it’s the next most valuable thing to an actual sale.

Why consider our SafetyBase safety management software?

There’s a lot of reasons, so here are just 5 carefully chosen key features and 4 easy to digest information sources. If you find even one of these nuggets sounds interesting to you, why wait? Get in touch.

Some Key Features

  1. Customisable option. Collect and process data using your own form designs.
  2. Secure, monitored, penetration tested hosting with hourly automated data backups.
  3. Design your own contractor/employee/visitor inductions. Invite online responses, automate renewals.
  4. Get participation from your workers using simple report forms on mobile devices.
  5. Manage files like accidents by creating tasks, attaching pictures and documents, associating people.

Browse this information

  1. View a 4 minute video overview. We made it ourselves. It’s not at all bad!
  2. Browse the SafetyBase website. Count the hard hats and high vis vests. Look here! People need to know it’s a safety website.
  3. Short cut to the all-important Pricing Page. (And yes, SafetyBase costs less than that espresso machine).
  4. Download a PDF Fact Sheet to show to your Senior Leadership Team. They will love you for the one-page summary. A promotion may even be on the cards.

See our safety management software here

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