Our client wanted to record quality complaints in SafetyBase. Read how we integrated product complaints with investigations.


The client was using SafetyBase for health and safety management, and wanted to utilise it for handling customer complaints and investigations. They were using a paper based system and felt that this was too fragmented. They also wanted to show evidence that their suppliers had completed an approval process, (part of the quality assurance process).


We largely utilised existing functionality to do the following:

  1. Create a Quality Management section in the navigation bar.
  2. Construct a Complaints form based on their existing paper system.
  3. Construct an Investigations form that links with the relevant Complaint.
  4. Use the escalations system to notify the Quality Manager if files remained open.
  5. For the supplier approvals, we duplicated our Training/Assessments function into the Quality Management section. (Assessments are included in the Distinction and Enterprise Editions, and they allow client level design of online training, surveys and questionnaires).

Note: Items 1, 2, 3 & 5 would require Enterprise Edition, for customisation.

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